Workflow to learn new vocabulary from NYT or other newspapers

Workflow to learn new vocabulary from NYT or other newspapers

Reading articles in The New York Times and The New Yorker, and also books, I get confronted with a bunch of unfamiliar words.

As I am always looking to increase knowledge, I thought about what could be the best way to learn these unfamiliar words?

What has simply to be done to learn unfamiliar words – and which circumstances have to be provided in the environment of keeping the flow reading flow?

  1. The words have to be translated.
  2. The words have to be collected.
  3. The words have to be processed in a learning environment.
  4. Keep on reading the text;)

I tried a lot of different things, which all related to wasting too much time.
I wrote the words done, to check later on for the correct translation, to add them in a learning app. But this workflow had a lot of cons, like getting too often interrupted while reading the text, and not finding any slot to process the words from the paper to the app.

Translate and collect – fast
To do so, I am using the app Shortcut With this I generated a subroutine which works in the simple way that i mark the word and call the subroutine with Siri or Share option.
The word gets transferred to Shortcut, translated with, spoken and shown on the display and saved with a dash between the word and its translation in a list in Apple Notes which I named VOCABULARY.

To learn the words I choose the application VokabelBoxFree. To import my words, the following steps have to be done:

Mark your words in Notes

Copy them, go to Numbers and paste them into a new sheet. The following dialog will open to let you correct your input.
Set your delimiters manually to “-“ and export this sheet as .csv.

Import this file to VokabelBoxFree in the Settings menu under Word list import.

Finished – and ready to learn ;)

Repair Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

I had a problem with my Philips toothbrush: the sound got louder, the vibration effect got lost, and when I shook the toothbrush in my hand, I got aware that something was not right anymore inside.

So I opened it and found out it is just a little screw which had to be tightened again. I am sure Philips manufactured the device like this on purpose.

Photo 1 – To open the device you need some tools like these

2 – Press the housing together

3 – Be very careful when trying to pull the seal out. In my case, I broke it.

4 – Pull the seal off


6 – in my case, the engine was already coming out by itself after. Probably you will have to press against the shaft.

7 – pull it out

8 – Tighten this screw, use probably also loctide or another glue to keep it tight

9 – Bring it back inside

10 – If you before the housing like me, fix it with glue 😉