Repair Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

I had a problem with my Philips toothbrush: the sound got louder, the vibration effect got lost, and when I shook the toothbrush in my hand, I got aware that something was not right anymore inside.

So I opened it and found out it is just a little screw which had to be tightened again. I am sure Philips manufactured the device like this on purpose.

Photo 1 – To open the device you need some tools like these

2 – Press the housing together

3 – Be very careful when trying to pull the seal out. In my case, I broke it.

4 – Pull the seal off


6 – in my case, the engine was already coming out by itself after. Probably you will have to press against the shaft.

7 – pull it out

8 – Tighten this screw, use probably also loctide or another glue to keep it tight

9 – Bring it back inside

10 – If you before the housing like me, fix it with glue 😉

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