Back to Quality Data

After using the smartphone with the typical noise cancelling headphones from Bose and Sony for years, I charged my fIIO X1 II today and noticed immediately the difference it makes.

Should it really satisfy us with the data quality we get?

Something wants to make us get used to low data while fetching all the data from us it can get.

The future won’t be the fight for energy anymore, but for data.

I will go back to listening to high res audio without getting tracked what I am listening to and without low res mp3.

Thanks to my wife who gave me the high res player long ago. Just with the Beyerdynamics 770 DT Pro 32 Ohm, you think about why you used mp3 all the time.

Good resolutions for the new year – Changing your habits through connecting them

The years are passing and with this sometimes our tries to improve our live, change something we want to change or just stop bad habits like smoking or drinking.

It’s challenging to raise enough motivation to do as we want – and the hardest things to change are the habits that we have and want to lose or that we want to establish in our daily life.

A working solution could be to bring two habits together:

  • For example, you have a growing library of audiobooks you want to listen to – or finish because you started them already long time ago but you don’t find the time to do so.
  • You want to move more, doing a minimum of 10.000 steps every day, but you don’t have the motivation to move yourself.

Bring this two together! Take your headset with the stuff you want/have to listen to and make your steps.

By the way ;) You make 10.000 steps in round about 80 minutes.