About mountaineering

“I wanted always climb as clean as possible. How others climb – it’s their funeral. Nobody has the right to make standards. I’m challanged by the mountains, never seeing mountaineering as a sport.Of course performance is an object, but the own erperience is much more important. Everything’s unfolding and that’s good. In sports, it’s all about “faster, higher, further” – that’s usual But mountaineering has a different nature, it’s living from tradition, out of ethics and romance. Soon also the younger climbers will recognize, that’s not all about technical perfection at climbing – but more about the “How” and the style… I want to feel the nature of the mountains, staying the night at simple cabins and speak with people living in the mountains. I would like to live in the mountains like a simple human marveling to the mountains – I want to eperience about them, not to conquer or win.”

Anderl Heckmair (1906 – 2005)

(I translated the german text on my own – would be happy about every correction from you)

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